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How Virtual Training Improves Workplace Awareness

Technological improvements, like virtual reality, allow industry experts to create new and challenging training opportunities for workers to gain more experience, leading to increased knowledge and wages. Thanks to tools like virtual reality, construction workers can now complete intelligent training to improve their skillset off-site. The program offers a safe setting for users to gain operational skills and worksite awareness for real-world settings. Virtual reality simulators can speed up training and reduce costs by up to 75 percent, depending on which construction tool is the focus.

A virtual reality training program can be useful when simulating the controls, functions, and challenges of operation in dense urban settings. A program can include visual distractions common to urban environments such as passing cars, planes and pedestrians. As they progress, workers can test their skills in nighttime mode or adverse weather conditions like cloud cover, rain, snow, fog, and wind. Additionally, a virtual reality training simulation can be a way for workers to explore realistic job site environments and test the limits of equipment in harsh conditions.


Also, human resources can leverage the same training tool to help recruit and screen potential job candidates. It may also prove useful in recruiting workers — particularly, young workers who have grown up with technology and are comfortable with it in their workplaces. Virtual reality training and visualization software may act as a magnet for millennials and other young workers who might not otherwise be considering blue-collar careers. It would allow human resources to screen candidates to see how comfortable they may or may not be operating machinery in a highly populated, often distracting environment.


While virtual reality and other similar simulators can never replace the unpredictability of the on-site environment, its benefits can help workers gain valuable experience and attract future talent to the industry.