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Iron Mountain Public Schools 2013 Building Upgrades | Iron Mountain, Michigan

Gundlach Champion was involved in this project from master planning during pre-bond through project completion. The goal of the school district was to provide functional efficiencies and operational savings to the district.

  • Major mechanical and electrical system upgrades to improve efficiency and reduce operation costs.
  • Complete renovation of auditorium including new seating, modern lighting, new windows, new finishes, and improved acoustics.
  • Complete renovation of classrooms, science labs, office spaces, Superintendent’s office, and gymnasium.

Work was performed in 5 phases in order to accommodate academic schedules and to take advantage of holidays and breaks. Some work was performed during regular school sessions and required advanced planning to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations.

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Owner: Iron Mountain Public Schools
Architect/Engineer: OHM Advisors
Project Cost: $9.5 million
Project Duration: 26 months
Completed: August 2015