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Gay Stamp Sand Beneficial Re-use | Gay, Michigan

Gundlach Champion is in partnership with Greensand Inc. for the purpose of developing a beneficial re-use of the gray stamp sand (or copper mine tailings) along a 5-mile stretch of land on the eastern side of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. The stamp sand has migrated from the original tailings area onto the beach and into Lake Superior. The beneficial re-use of the stamp sands will reduce/limit the negative impact the sands have on the Lake Superior ecosystem while providing jobs and economic benefit to the region and a revenue stream to involved parties. This revenue will allow the involved companies to pursue other related projects beneficial to the region.

Potential re-uses of the stamp sands include rock wool insulation, asphalt roofing shingle granules, and copper extraction. Pilot plant testing for the rock wool insulation is in process in Europe. Initial testing of the shingle aggregate has been completed and found to be acceptable. Process flow charts for copper extraction have been developed by resources at nearby Michigan Technological University. All or any of the above-mentioned products will provide an economic benefit to the local region and tax payers of Michigan.

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Owner: Greensand, Inc. / Daniel LeVeque