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Groundwater Treatment Facility | Kingsford, Michigan

The treatment train for this facility consists of a groundwater extraction system that has forty-five recovery wells. Dedicated conveyance piping forms each recovery well and is routed to one of two intermediate pump hoses for metering, consolidation, and control of the extracted groundwater. Instrumentation and controls from the pump houses are linked to the treatment system controls via fiber optic cable. The facility also includes chemical/physical pretreatment to facilitate removal of methane gas from local groundwater. The process consists of first and second stage treatment thru clarifiers and bioreactors.

Gundlach Champion self-performed concrete, masonry, pre-engineered building erection, equipment and fiberglass cover installation while subcontracting process piping and electrical work.

Engineering design for the treatment system was completed in April 2004. Construction started in July of 2004 and was completed in September of 2005.

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Project Cost: $12.7 million
Project Duration: 14 months
Completed: September 2005