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NMU Ripley CHP

The new plant is called the Ripley Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Renewable Energy Plant, and is an extension of the existing Ripley Steam Plant located on the campus of Northern Michigan University. This project consists of a 15,500 square foot building attached to the 6,900 square foot existing facility by a connection corridor.

The existing plant currently uses its three natural gas fired boilers to produce steam for distribution to the university buildings. Plant distributes campus steam at 85 psig; 400 degrees F. The new CHP plant will add a biomass fired boiler to the plant capacity, in order to generate steam from a renewable energy source of fuel, and to produce electricity from excess steam for plant auxiliaries.

See Project Sheet

Owner: Northern Michigan University
Construction Manager: Johnson Controls, Inc.
Architect/Engineer: Integrated Designs, Inc.
Project Cost: $2.1 million
Project Duration: 12 months
Completed: March 2013