Groundwater Treatment Facility Modifications | Kingsford, MI

Arcadis Kingsford WTP 15-014
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  • Owner: ARCADIS
  • Project Location: Kingsford, MI
  • Architect: Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
  • Project Cost: $0.6 million
  • Project Completed: November 2015

Gundlach performed the construction of the original water treatment facility in 2005. We are proud that a large percentage of our work is repeat business with our former clients as their needs change.

This project consisted of routing multiple new force mains and modifying influent and effluent conveyance piping associated with the 2nd stage bioreactors so that the activated sludge tanks can be operated either in parallel or series configurations. Three 2nd stage bioreactors were retrofit as activated sludge tanks. Chemical feed pumps, inclusive of all electrical and plumbing, were relocated to the new building. New chemical suction and chemical feed lines to the 2nd stage splitter box were installed and the existing 2nd stage clarifiers were brought back into service and a new variable speed drive was installed on one of the clarifiers.