The construction services you need for a successful project

GCI offers a variety of construction services tailored to meet your specific needs. Gundlach Champion’s services include preconstruction services, general contracting, design/build, and construction management.


Preconstruction services are used to plan a project prior to any actual construction beginning and include more than just construction cost estimating. The primary objective is to work with an owner to help in delivering a project that meets that owner’s specific needs. In addition to estimating services, the Preconstruction Team participates in design evaluations and decisions, studies, value engineering and analysis, design and project scheduling, constructability reviews, and whatever else that may be required for a particular construction project. Permitting, life-cycle costs, design costs, and land acquisition may also be evaluated.

Construction Management

With the Construction Management Delivery Method, the owner selects a Construction Manager (CM) based on his or her qualifications. Generally chosen early in the project, the CM assists the design team with recommendations on constructability, budget compliance, value engineering, and scheduling. In this scenario, the owner holds separate contracts with the design team and the Construction Management firm. The Construction Manager oversees the project from start to finish, including project administration, on-site construction supervision, project planning, and sub-contract management. Depending on the project, the CM may self-perform some of the construction services.


With the “Design Build” option (also referred to as a Turn-Key Contract), the contractor, architect, and engineer are allied, working together to serve the owner. Ultimately, this method unites the owner, contractor, architects, and engineers to create a team working to turn the concept on paper into a physical building that satisfies the needs of the owner.

General Contracting

When working with the General Contracting (GC) Delivery Method, the owner hires a general contractor to supervise and build a project from a design provided by the owner. A general contractor is the main contractor on the project and is responsible for completing the project according to the design specifications. The general contractor provides all material, labor, equipment, and construction services by self-performing the work or hiring specialized subcontractors for portions of the work.

Building Maintenance

Not only is GCI able to construct new buildings, we are able to assist in the on-going maintenance necessary to facilities. We can provide any size crew necessary to perform maintenance operations during temporary shutdowns, while existing operations continue, and after normal working hours.

We offer preconstruction and construction services throughout the Northern Great Lakes Region and we would be pleased to discuss your construction project with you.