Healthcare Experience

Gundlach Champion provides new construction, renovation, remodeling and facility studies to growing healthcare communities. Our portfolio includes hospital expansions, new clinics, long-term medical care facilities, MRI units and more. Listed Below are previous jobs Gundlach Champion has completed.

You need a contractor that understands Healthcare Construction

Gundlach Champion provides new construction, renovation, remodeling and facility studies to growing healthcare communities. Our portfolio includes hospital, new clinics, long-term medical care facilities, MRI units, medical office buildings, emergency departments, and senior living facilities. We spend the time needed to learn about the goals of your project and the environment in which you provide your healthcare services. The insight we gain during this programming and design phase means your building will meet your exact needs with a positive impact on your patients, staff, and community.

Over the past 116 plus years, we have evolved to become a one-stop-shop for multiple construction services, allowing us to help walk you through the complexity of a healthcare construction project. We have learned how to address such complexities as HIPPA regulations, patient management, specialty labs, medical equipment, hospital protocols, infection control procedures, and interim life safety measures.

GCI has worked with many municipalities and understands the politics involved with getting medical projects approved. We will provide all necessary information, attend meetings, and if necessary, schedule individual meetings with key people to assure everyone understands the process and deliverables throughout the project. At the start of a project, we can help you choose the appropriate construction delivery system, select an engineering firm, work through the design phase, secure bids for the project, and construct it.

Healthcare Construction expertise you can depend on

We’ve worked on healthcare construction projects ranging in size, scope, and complexity in every major market throughout the Great Lakes Northern region. Our wide range of experience has allowed us to establish relationships with many trusted subcontractors and suppliers to get a quality job done safely, on time, and within budget. We are pleased to work with skilled local subcontractors that can be available at a moment’s notice should the need arise.

As a construction company building in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, we know the weather can be challenging. GCI understands what it takes to complete our construction projects safely and on time with the extreme weather conditions we experience. The flexibility we offer in our construction services means we are able to meet tight schedules. To accommodate your operations or adverse weather, we will work overtime, multiple shifts, fast track schedules, or around existing schedules.

We understand the frustrations an owner can experience with escalating budgets or change orders and we use all of our expertise to ensure that these do not occur. During the bid process, we perform a “scrubbing” of design documents to avoid costly mistakes. We employ value engineering techniques to ensure that proper materials are used. If a change order is needed during the project, we will work with the project designers and owners to find solutions to minimize cost.

We have experience in a wide range of healthcare construction projects including the following types of projects:

  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Clinic Renovations and Additions

Gundlach Champion’s Healthcare Services

  • Preconstruction Services
  • Fast-track Scheduling
  • Extensive Project Experience
  • Strict Budget and Schedule Adherence

GCI works throughout the Northern Great Lakes Region providing healthcare construction services. We would be pleased to discuss your construction project with you.