About GCI

When Herman Gundlach, Sr. signed the papers to form a partnership with F.P. Mueller in 1898, it was the beginning of a dream. Now, over a century later, that dream has grown into a legend that is still committed to the same detail and excellence.

Gundlach Champion’s purpose is:

  • To provide our customers and clients with the labor, quality products, technical expertise, processes, and services, to solve their business challenges, and to help develop their businesses.
  • To be flexible and willing to pursue opportunities as they are presented to us so that we continually expand our products, services, and the geographic areas in which we operate.
  • To operate a highly professional and ethical company in partnership with our suppliers, customers, and clients, and be responsive, supportive, reliable, caring, and creative in our approach.
  • To create such value for our customers and clients that we become indispensable to them.
  • To provide our employees a dynamic, fun, stable, and team-oriented work environment where there are opportunities to grow, develop, advance personally and professionally.
  • To be good stewards of the environment and deeply involved as individuals and as a company in worthwhile causes in our communities.

Message from President

Today’s economy places large burdens on our customers, whether public or private. They are expected to provide services or products to the end-user for less cost, while experiencing ever increasing costs for labor and materials. Our mission is to help our customers meet these challenges by providing the project management services required to minimize cost and maximize gain. We have tailored our services to meet this goal.

For the past several years we have experienced increased negotiated sales – most from repeat customers. This is evidence of our commitment to the principles of honesty, integrity, good business sense and, above all, dedication to employees. The future is bright. We have grown the company to one which works throughout the Midwest and offers all the services needed to plan, finance, design, and construct the facilities required by our customers.

Stan Kaczmarek, President
Gundlach Champion, Inc.