Office Building Expansion and Renovation | Iron Mountain | Michigan

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  • Owner: M.J. Electric, LLC
  • Architect/Engineer: Blomquist Architects
  • Project Cost: $2.6 million
  • Project Duration: 10 months
  • Completed: April 2012

The overall Project consists of an 8,500 square foot, 2-story with full basement addition onto the existing office building constructed in 2002 and minor renovation of existing space.  New construction consisted of full height cast-in-place basement walls, steel framed structure with composite floors, metal stud framed exterior walls with a block veneer to match existing, metal stud interior framing, and drywall with paint / wall covering wall finish, and a combination of carpet and hard tile floors.  Aluminum windows and entrances were installed on the addition. Mechanical and electrical systems are stand alone, utilizing a portion of the existing system for support.  The existing facility was occupied so phasing and tie-in work were required during the project and provisions were made in order not to disrupt the day to day activities of the owner.