Regional Recycling Center | Marquette, Michigan

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  • Owner: Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Architect: GEI Consultants of Michigan, P.C.
  • Project Location: Marquette, MI
  • Project Cost: $2.69 million
  • Project Completed: September 2020
  • Delivery Method: Design-Build

Gundlach Champion, Inc. (GCI) was awarded the contract for the integration of a new single-stream recycling process into the existing precast, concrete facility. Two new pre- engineered building wings and a glass storage building were added, creating approximately 27,000 sf of total processing space. GCI’s design team worked closely with the Owner and their process equipment supplier, Machinex, to design the additional wings and spatial relationships in the existing facility to accommodate the new process equipment. The new glass storage building was also designed to properly interface with an existing remote building and accommodate the installation of glass pulverizing equipment in both buildings.

The existing employee locker, break, and restrooms were also a part of the renovation effort, and their phased construction started in early February 2020. A new loading dock and seven (7) new overhead doors were provided by GCI. A new electrical service transformer was installed by the electrical utility, and GCI provided all the electrical design and installation, including a new 1200-amp switch gear, an LP generator, and electrical work which upgraded the lighting. Power and controls to new mechanical HVAC equipment and main power feeds to the new process equipment were also included. The design-build plumbing and HVAC for the existing and new structures included the relocation of an existing, used oil furnace.