3 Innovative Design Ideas for Retail Construction

When it comes to retail construction, innovation and creativity are vital to standing out from national chains as well as small stores. Whether you want to undertake a new retail construction project, or you are looking to renovate your current store, you need to design a unique space that attracts customers while being cost-effective. The following are three design ideas that will help you create a retail space that is far from ordinary. 

Focus on the Lighting System

The lighting system that you install in your store has a significant impact on how comfortable your customers are as they navigate the space. Think of it as visual cues that grab customers’ attention and guide them through the store. Lighting also creates a unique ambiance in your space. For example, customers find soft lighting in the waiting area and changing rooms relaxing and peaceful. You can also use lighting to create spotlight effects on individual product promotions and luxury items.  

Incorporate Window-like Effects

No matter how small your retail space, it shouldn’t look or feel cramped. Customers are more comfortable in retail areas that allow them to move around freely. If you don’t have much footage to work with, you can create an illusion of a spacious store by using window-like effects. For example, you can cut window spaces into the walls to make the store appear airier. Another idea is to install white panels on an entire wall or add vertical mirrors to create the illusion of windows.   

Feature an Accent Wall

An accent wall can spice up even the most mundane retail space. Generally, you create an accent wall by painting one wall an unusual or bold color. Alternatively, you can decorate it with interesting wallpaper, printed fabric, or bold graphics. This technique will add drama to your space and grab the customers’ attention instantly. Just be sure that you balance the bold textures and bright colors with something light and harmonious.

Making a retail new build or renovation a success depends on knowledge and thinking outside the box. Gundlach Champion has been providing retail construction services with exceptional quality and value to a diverse range of clients across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. The GCI team brings over 350 years of combined experience to every commercial construction project from new buildings to renovations. To discuss your next project contact us at

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