Eco-friendly Green Architecture

Green Architecture design reduces or completely eliminates negative environmental impacts while minimizing harmful effects on the environment and human health. This sustainable design can be applied across all fields of design such as designing buildings or products.

Green architects work to construct a building that aligns with their clients’ goals while being sustainable in the architectural sense. They use the most advanced technology and building methods in following the core principles of green architecture. When it comes to green architecture, both the design and construction of a building should be sustainable. Also, the environment of the potential building site is crucial to be considered to ensure its maximum protection.

The Characteristics of a Green Building

The core purpose of designing a green building is to protect the environment and to achieve sustainability. The following are the common characteristics of the green buildings possess.

  • Highly efficient ventilation systems for heating and cooling
  • Energy-saving lighting and appliances
  • Little to no harm caused to the natural environment and habitat
  • Proper plumbing fixtures to save water
  • Alternative power sources for renewable energy, including solar power and wind power
  • The use of non-synthetic and non-toxic building materials for overall construction
  • Efficient use of the area
  • The use of recycled architectural salvage
  • Using the ideal location where there’s proper sunlight, wind, and sheltering
  • The use of smartly-harvested woods

Green architecture presents great opportunities for us to help our environment and still construct buildings and facilities that are functional, aesthetically-pleasing, and efficient.

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