2021 Construction Trends

Growth Markets

A Dodge Study finds that several markets are expected to see growth in 2021. Warehouse construction will lead the way because of e-commerce giants needing to grow logistics infrastructure. Office starts will expand with the increase in data centers and renovations to existing space. Commercial building are expected to grow 5% in 2021. Utilities are expected to increase 35% in 2021 with the expansion of wind farms.

Environmental Focus

Utility-scale solar will be in a growth pattern for 2021 due to expected support from the new administration. Larger contractors are experiencing increased interest in environmental services. As a whole the construction industry is seeing pressure to improve energy use, work to meet green building standards and sustainable practices.

Remote Technology

Remote has become the word of the times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The construction industry has seen increased focus on working remotely. Drone surveying and mapping provides a range of valuable information. It is being used on jobsites to uncover safety issues, estimate onsite materials, and orthomosaic maps are used to visualize large sites. This tech can result in financial savings because of insurance claim reductions, lower material waste, and less scheduling delays. Technology used by project managers can make the flow of information more efficient between all parties involved in the project. Build Information Modeling (BIM) technology is continuing to be a most valuable tool for managers to draft projects and re-evaluate designs quickly.

Modular Construction

Continuing its upward trend, modular construction will grow in 2021. This technology lets builders construct large structures offsite, resulting in fewer job site injuries, and reduced costs.

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