The Benefits of a Local Contractor

There are many factors to consider when selecting a commercial construction provider for your project beyond the bid. Reviewing experience, project process, and safety programs are all essential. However, working with a local contractor rather than an out-of-town provider has many advantages, such as:

Better for the Local Economy

When you award the contract to a local builder, the dollars stay within the community. Not only will the local construction company be paid, but they will also hire local subcontractors to work on the project adding to the local economy.

No Travel Expenses 

A company that is not local will likely have to add travel costs to the project. When you hire a local contractor, the crew are in the community with short commutes, keeping travel expenses to a minimum. 

Reliable References

While written testimonials are fine, it is always best to talk to a reference. This approach allows you to probe deeper with questions relevant to your project. Of course, these conversations can take place over any distance. However, if it’s a local company, you can visit the project in-person to see the quality and speak with the reference.

Knowledgeable in Regulations, Weather and Local Construction Concerns

Hiring a contractor knowledgeable in the local or state codes and regulations minimizes issues that raise costs and slow down schedules. Additionally, an out-of-town builder may not be practiced in dealing with your weather conditions during construction or seasonal disruptions, such as hunting season.

Gundlach Champion approaches every project as if we’re a local builder. The GCI team understands the importance of a construction project to the owner and the community. We employ many local sub-contractors and suppliers from our trusted network throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. This approach means we deliver both a successful construction project and a positive impact on the community. To discuss your next project, contact us at

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