Challenges Continue for the Construction Industry in 2022

2022 will continue the string of years that present challenges the construction industry faces. The following are the top issues:

Supply Chain Delays & Costs

Supply chain issues continue to be a major issue because of production plant shutdowns and transportation delays caused by the pandemic. Contractors have had to deal with increases in transportation, materials, and shipping times. A recent Dodge Report revealed that 98% of contractors indicate a moderate to high business impact from material cost fluctuations.

Aging Workforce

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sited that the median age for a construction worker was 42.9 in 2020. The aging workforce contributes to the ongoing labor shortage in the construction industry. Training high school students for trades could help alleviate this problem. However, there are fewer trade schools available to train the emerging workforce in essential skillsets adding to the issue.

Data Management

In 2021, the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report found that 62.4% of construction professionals are using mobile devices for daily reporting, 60.2% for photo/video, and 43.8% for project management. Further, it indicated the factors hindering the implementation of new tech were employee resistance and costs. To streamline the integration of vast amount of digital and hard data, construction companies need to hire staff able to implement software. 

The Ability to Adapt

It should be obvious that the pandemic continues to change the way contractors have to do business today. Construction companies must be flexible to adjust to new challenges. For example, contractors and project managers must be able to work remotely when site visits are not an option. Platforms for online collaboration with teams  need to be a seamless option in lieu of in-person meetings.

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