Tips for Winter Builds

The days of having to avoid construction projects in regions that experience harsh winter conditions are a thing of the past. Of course, to build during winter construction takes an understanding of the special factors needed to overcome winter weather. The following are a few tips.

Controlling Fuel Costs

Even though fuel costs have dropped, they are still a concern in winter builds. You can experience higher fuel usage from on-site heaters and snow removal equipment. These increased costs need to be planned for in the project budget to avoid any issues.

Safety & Health Procedures

Winter conditions can cause risks to crews and equipment. Even though temperatures are cold, workers still sweat, which can cause mean hypothermia from rapid cooling. To protect crews, schedule more frequent breaks to warm up. To prevent slips and falls, establish a routine of clearing ice and snow from work areas.

Maintaining the Worksite

Paths will need to be cleared from snow to provide better traction for equipment and crews. Additionally, snow removal inside the building needs to be factored into the schedule and budget.

If you install at least one asphalt lift, the worksite will be cleaner during the build. This practice will stop crews from tracking slush and mud into the building, reducing cleaning time. Also, keep in mind that you will need to adjust the work schedule to permit more time for equipment to warm up in winter weather.

Planning the Building

The type of building you are constructing can present challenges in winter. A pre-engineered building or steel with stud infill will not be an issue during winter construction. However, if you have a load-bearing masonry building It is best to build from the bottom up to avoid high tenting and heating costs.

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