Commercial Construction Recruitment

In recent years, commercial construction has faced labor shortages just like many other industries, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the demand for highly skilled construction workers only rises as the demand for commercial buildings increases, and job advancement remains highly attractive within this industry.

Construction is often considered a “progressive” industry, meaning that occupations within this field face diverse opportunities for advancement. Many workers begin as generalists but over time specialize in different forms of construction and are able to receive certifications, such as in handling hazardous materials. The Bureau of Labor estimates a 4% increase in construction roles, resulting in over 250,000 new roles within the coming decade. This provides the perfect landscape for recruitment of up and coming construction workers.

One of the key tactics for effective recruitment within the commercial construction industry is a focus on this job advancement. Offering learning opportunities and pointing employees in the direction of certifications can be massively beneficial when seeking new talent. Additionally, offering mentorship roles to existing employees creates a more collaborative workplace that promotes positive team building.

In recent years the demand for fair wages has also been accompanied by a demand for competitive recruitment packages. This means that recruiting talent who will want to work within your company long-term also includes offering packages that make employment sustainable. Generous PTO and vacation days and comprehensive benefit and retirement packages can go a long way in making your construction company stand above the rest.

Lastly, your current employees are your best indicators of recruitment success. Soliciting feedback about the work environment and your existing recruitment packages will offer solid guidance for how to best recruit more workers – what processes and packages are currently working for you, and which can be revised?

A construction company is only as successful as its workers. Recruiting and retaining employees ensures that your projects are completed effectively and efficiently every single time. Consider how you can best create a collaborative workforce with room for advancement, and you’ll be sure to recruit talent that helps your company thrive.

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