Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics

In the world of commercial construction, planning is everything. From the initial blueprints to the ribbon-cutting at the completion of a successful project, every detail and design feature must be carefully executed. During these planning stages, it’s important to find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics to ensure your commercial building suits the needs of your business and the occupants or customers themselves.

Aesthetic appeal is important for any consumer-centric commercial construction project whether that be a hotel, casino, hospital, or residential apartment building. Intentional design elements are important for creating the desired perception of your commercial building, and even employees react more positively to aesthetically pleasing work environments.

However, aesthetics should never overpower the functionality of your space, which determines how successful your building design will be in the long run. Taking into account how to best optimize your space to allow for accessibility, operational requirements, and traffic flow must take priority. Here are a few considerations when finding a comfortable balance between functionality and aesthetics for your commercial building:


The materials you choose for your build can make a major difference in aesthetics and functionality. While it’s important to choose materials that are stylish and modern, it’s crucial that you consider durability and sustainability. For example, if you are designing a space that will experience heavy foot traffic, it’s paramount that the materials used are properly sturdy as well as pleasing to the eye.


No matter what type of commercial building you are designing, space optimization is a key consideration. Choosing a layout that flows well while including adaptable and multifunctional spaces enhances both the aesthetic appeal of your building and its practicality.

Technological Features

Smart technologies are a key way to enhance your commercial building’s workability and physical appearance. New technologies make it easier than ever to manage and monitor temperature, lights, etc. in your building, while features like interactive displays and digital signs also enhance occupants’ experience within your building. Utilizing technological features that make building management easier while also contributing to the physical appearance of your building is ideal.

Finding the right balance between physical appeal and practical use is key when planning your commercial construction project. Partnering with the experienced team at Gundlach Champion Inc. helps to provide expert guidance on the proper materials, layouts, and features to choose to meet the unique needs of your building, company, and clientele.

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