Ongoing factors effecting commercial construction

2019 continues to bring negative and positive factors that contractors will need to address. These factors include:


The shortage of labor for the commercial construction industry looms as the primary challenge faced by construction firms. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment rates are on the rise in most states, making it difficult to find skilled construction workforce. Labor emigrating from Central America has helped in overcoming the shortage of labor to some extent. However, the skill requirement of plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, and skilled craftsmen cannot be met by the immigrant workforce only. The scarcity of workforce is anticipated to decelerate the commercial construction industry growth and will cause an increase in wages.

New Construction

As online sales grow, the need for expansion in leading retail chains will slow. Construction services required by local and chain restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, specialty stores, and warehouses for online retail will be an area of growth for the commercial construction industry.


To accommodate the anticipated increase in patients and new technology, many healthcare facilities will require the expansion of existing facilities. Healthcare facilities are at the forefront of adopting alternative approaches for their commercial construction project deliveries and leveraging modern technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) for cost control. Large size healthcare construction projects are being managed more collaboratively to integrate the delivery of projects fully. 

The strengthening economic conditions are leading to a rise in travel trends, and thereby, a demand for hotel remodeling and expansion.

Even though specific concerns such as a possible economic crisis or continuing shortage of labor in the construction industry may impede the growth, there is excellent potential for builders.

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