Tips for hospital construction

Healthcare is evolving – and its facilities need to keep up. Building an outstanding hospital requires meeting or better yet, exceeding the expectations and ever-changing needs of patients. Healthcare providers are inclining more and more towards value-based care. Hence, they want to build or redesign hospitals in a way that works for both the staff and the patients. Here are a few tips for building better hospitals to meet today’s standards. 

One: Planning

Whether you have a project for a new hospital or a renovation, prior and proper planning is the key to a successful project. The best plan is created when you fully understand the demographics, needs, and goals of the healthcare facility. In addition to the hospital construction team, don’t forget to interview the staff and gather information regarding each department before devising a plan. Reviewing existing programs and facilities may also offer inspiration to kick-start the project. Moreover, you should always look at the bigger picture and think long-term to assure potential growth of the hospital matches the construction.

Two: Nurse Station Centralization

Nurses should be able to respond to patients quickly in case of emergencies. For this reason, it is critical to place the nursing station at the center of the floor. Remember, modern hospitals follow a design where the nurse station is built adjacent to the patients’ rooms.

Three: Privacy

Privacy is an integral and regulated part of healthcare facilities. Any construction plan that fails to prioritize it will not be successful. Therefore, make sure that your design ensures maximum privacy for the patients.

Four: Image

A well-built hospital increases the brand image of the healthcare provider because it symbolizes greater care and better service. Always think of visitors as king while devising a hospital construction plan. While sterility is essential in health care, a sterile, cold design will cause adverse reactions in visitors and patients. The floor plan should be as easy to follow as possible for visitors and staff to improve traffic flow. This approach relieves what can be a very stressful situation.

With these tips in mind, it’ll be easy to create a flexible system that doesn’t only solve workflow challenges but also maintains patients’ privacy. Gundlach Champion has been providing construction services with exceptional quality and value to a diverse range of clients across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. The GCI team brings over 350 years of combined experience to every commercial construction project from new buildings to renovations. To discuss your next project contact us at

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