Top trends in casino construction

In the casino business, the revenue strategy development doesn’t start after the structure is built; it starts before. A casino will only be successful if its design aligns with the needs of the customers. A well-designed and constructed structure can yield considerable revenue while cutting down on the operating costs. Let’s have a look at the top trends in casino construction for 2019.

Windowless and Clock-free Walls

The idea behind building windowless and clock-free walls in a casino is simple – it doesn’t remind the patrons about time. Casino owners obviously want them to keep playing without worrying about staying late, and this technique works well. Simply stated, the longer the patrons stay and play, the more revenue the casino will generate.

Maze-like layout

A casino with a simple design that’s easy to navigate won’t be able to keep the patrons inside for long. Modern casino construction focuses on a maze-like layout that keeps the patrons interested and curious. Patrons won’t get bored if the casino design encourages them to discover new games and activities. Another tactic is to place small game machines and a bar on the way to the exit, as these ‘obstacles’ will likely make customers stay a bit longer.

A raised access floor system

A raised access floor plan is one of the most effective trends in casino construction. It features a false floor that’s suspended over the actual ground. This feature doesn’t only serve the purpose of a unique design, but it also offers significant storage space. In the space between the fake and real ground, you may keep things like electrical wiring, fiber-optic cables, and plumbing tools safe and hidden. 

Customer comfort

While keeping these other tips for casino construction in mind, you should focus on the comfort of the patrons. Adding a dining area, smoking area, and an efficient HVAC system will increase patrons’ pleasure and satisfaction. And the more comfortable the customer, the longer they will stay and the more often they will return. 

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