What’s new in commercial construction

There are many trends in the commercial industry that have proven to be growing strong roots in the industry. In this article, we will review four of these trends:

Modular Construction

Modular construction has a predicted growth rate of 6.9% and to grow to $157 billion in annual sales by 2023. Larger modular buildings are gaining acceptance. The reason for this acceptance is a lack of skilled labor and rising material costs. These concerns have caused owners and builders to consider the modular construction option.

Design Build

The Design Build Delivery Method, a single builder to both design and construct a project is used for almost 50% of commercial construction. Many advantages have caused this trend. Design Build reduces costs because the organization is more efficient, and schedules can be fast-tracked because of more direct communication between fewer entities. It is predicted that over the next three years, Design Build projects will be up nearly 19%.


Not long ago, the aerial photos of construction sites were taken via airplanes at a high cost. Drone technology has changed the way site planning is done today. Drones are an affordable and advanced alternative, allowing construction companies to procure extensive site data, providing in-depth data and analysis.

Safety tech

Technology and machines are entering the worksite to help improve safety. These advancements offer a range of services, such as Wi-Fi connected work gear that sends an alarm if a worker falls. While not C3PO or R2D2, robots are taking on some tasks for humans, such as scaffolding and masonry. These repetitive, dangerous, and monotonous jobs can cause injury both from accidents and strain in human crews. The robotic alternative alleviates these concerns.

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