Questions an Owner Needs to Know About a Construction Project

Before beginning a construction project, owners need to be certain they have all their requirements outlined. It is crucial to evaluate the short and long term needs of the building. Communicate these goals to the architect and contractor to assure they will be considered in the design and budget. This preparation will result in a more efficient and cost effective build that will meet the owner’s needs for years to come.

What do I need to know before starting the project?

The following are the questions to ask yourself to evaluate if a new building is the right answer:

• Why are you expanding?

• Should I own or lease?

• What can I afford? 

• Where is the best place to build?

• Where can I get financing?

• What is the best way to build?

• When do I need the project completed?   

• How can I be sure I get maximum value for my investment?

When should the project begin?

The earlier you start, the more time you will have to gather the necessary information and gather a qualified team. Also, the earlier you will be able to complete and utilize the new build.

When should I occupy the new facility?

Your contractor should provide a detailed schedule and estimated completion date. If the occupancy date is critical, you may want to consider including a bonus/penalty clause to your construction contract. If your builder completes the project ahead of the contracted date, a bonus is issued. If closeout is past the contracted date, a penalty is deducted from his contract price. 

What is the best way to build?

The three most common are Construction management, Design-Build, and General Construction. Each of these construction methods offer different benefits. Your architect or contractor will be able to recommend the best construction delivery method for your project.

How do I get maximum value for the investment?

To achieve maximum value, choose team members who can provide expert value engineering and life cycle cost analysis services. You need to solicit recommendations from the construction team members for cost effective options. The various factors of the project should be analyzed for the initial cost, maintenance cost, and life expectancy.

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