Choosing the Right Construction Team

In order to reduce costs in a construction project, you need to pick your team members wisely. This selection should take place early in the planning phase, to allow all parties to contribute options to add value to the project. Ideally, the team should consist of:

• The owner (and your realtor, if the building will be leased, or your facilities manager.)

• An experienced builder who understands local construction costs and conditions.

• The architect that has the expertise and experience to fulfill your requirements.

Choosing the Contractor

While tempting, resist choosing a contractor strictly on price. More often than not, experience, reputation, and reliability will pay off in the long run over the lowest bidder. That is not to say a qualified builder won’t be the lowest cost provider but do your homework. Talk to their referrals to assure there won’t be a problem with costly change orders, missed deadlines, poorly built facilities. After all, no one needs a leaky roof or ponds in the parking lot to be a reminder of a bad decision.

Selecting the Architect

To begin your search for the best design team, you need to make a thorough list of the requirements you have for your project. Once the list is complete, you are ready to interview architectural firms. Remember that this is your project and you need to work with a design team that will help you reach YOUR goals, not just their ideas. Talk to business associates, your professional advisors, community leaders, and contractors to get the names of potential architectural of engineering firms. Be sure to take as much time as you need to interview prospective firms to be certain you are comfortable and confident in your choice.

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