Preconstruction Considerations

A construction project is a complex undertaking with many factors to consider. The more decisions you can make during the preconstruction phase, the more potential cost overruns and schedule delays can be avoided. The following are some of your project’s primary aspects and the points you need to evaluate during the preconstruction phase.

The Site

Your project’s site is more than its location. The land on which it will be built needs to be evaluated to avoid construction and long-term issues. For example, consider if you will need:

• Stormwater retention

• Parking

• Loading dock

• Snow storage

• Site lighting

• Zoning requirements

• Utilities

• Pedestrian traffic

• Signage

• Entryways

The Design

Your new building needs to meet your requirements, both in form and function. Your builder needs to be made aware of any special requirements, such as:

• Facade and location compatibility

• Materials to be used

• Energy efficiency

• Floor plan flow

• Privacy areas and private access

• Employee areas

• Types of finishes

• Maintenance concerns

• HVAC requirements

• Special lighting or power requirements

• Phone, fax, and internet service

• Security

• Landscaping

Green Building

This construction approach is also known as sustainable building or LEED. Green Building not only benefits the environment, but it also can lower your cost over time. Its goal is to use resources such as energy, water, land, and materials more efficiently by:

• Leaving less of a footprint on the environment

• Conserving resources

• Utilizing energy-efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance products

Estimating the Cost

Being able to estimate the total cost of your construction project accurately is critical. The typical building project cost includes:

• Land costs

• Legal fees

• Survey costs

• Project financing costs

• Government fees

• Architect/engineer fees

• Various consultants’ fees

• All direct costs, including site development and building construction

• Contractor’s costs, including general conditions

• Contingency for probable scope changes

• Furniture, furnishings, and equipment

An experienced contractor can help you through the pre-planning phase to help assure your project stays within budget, meets the completion date, and will meet your requirements. Gundlach Champion has extensive experience helping clients across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin through a construction project’s initial steps. The GCI team brings over 350 years of combined experience to every commercial construction project, from new buildings to renovations. To discuss your next project, contact us at

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