The Importance of Construction Pre-Planning

The first step in a successful construction project is thorough pre-planning. Generally, during the construction pre-planning the project team establishes the project scope and the budget, as well as selecting the materials. The following are the essential steps in the pre-planning phase needed to streamline the process.


This phase starts with the first meeting of the owner and contractor to discuss the parameters of the project. Remember, open and direct communication is crucial to ensure the scope is clear to all parties. When this step is done properly, it will reduce the timeline and cost of the project.  


With the significant impact of the location on the overall cost and schedule of the project, a site evaluation should take place early in the pre-planning process. This approach will allow you to address any issues that could arise during site work. 


The pre-planning budgeting phase involve assessing the construction materials, labor, schedule, regulatory requirements, and the condition of the site. A detailed review of the estimated budget must focus on meeting the owner’s expectations realistically.


Next, a schedule is developed that will meet the project’s required timeframe. Pre-construction planning should accurately define the owner’s expectations by establishing a task-driven schedule to assure the project will be completed on time and within budget. 


Once the parties sign the contract, there may be final details to review before construction begins. These are still essential tasks in the pre-construction planning phase. These tasks include soil-testing, submission of the plan, and procuring permits.  

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