The Benefits of Building Information Modeling

Architects and engineers use Building Information Modeling, or BIM, to show how building materials will hold up over time in a construction project. However, BIM is more than just models of a project. It is a process that brings all the stakeholders together for a more collaborative building process.

Preconstruction in Building Information Modeling

During the BIM preconstruction phase the contractor works with the designer to create the model. This collaboration is crucial to connecting the contractor and subcontractors with the designer. The owners and the design team will be able to establish the scope more directly with the subcontractors. The contractor benefits from the use of Building Information Modeling by having an accurate visual representation for the subcontractor to estimate costs, establish schedules, and catch any design errors to minimize rework.

BIM During Construction

BIM is a vital resource for the project team during the build. An update to the model is made as work progresses. By entering labor productivity information, the team can link Building Information Modeling to the schedule for better coordination and transparency on project deadlines. When any changes are made to BIM, the team is made aware of any cost, schedule, or other issues affecting the project.

Building Information Modeling in Post Construction

Detailed information for all building components is held in Building Information Modeling, such as product information, model, and part number. This documentation allows for control of costs over the building’s life span. BIM allows facility managers to work with subcontractors to maintain the building before parts break down proactively.

BIM Advantages

Building Information Modeling is a single source, providing accurate information to all project stakeholders. This partnership of building owners, designers and architects, general contractors, and subcontractors results in a project that meets budget and schedule requirements. BIM provides a higher level of detail and collaboration to reduce errors, align expectations, and set accurate budgets and schedules.

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