The Benefits of Construction Management

One of the preferred delivery methods by many owners is Construction Management. With the

Construction Management Delivery Method, the owner selects a Construction Manager (CM) based on his or her qualifications. Generally chosen early in the project, the CM assists the design team with recommendations on constructability, budget compliance, value engineering, and scheduling. In this scenario, the owner holds separate contracts with the design team and the Construction Management firm. The Construction Manager oversees the project from start to finish, including project administration, on-site construction supervision, project planning, and sub-contract management. Depending on the project, the CM may self-perform some of the construction services. There are many benefits to the CM delivery method, such as:

Budget Management

A CM manages the preconstruction process to improve estimate accuracy, productivity, cost evaluations, and clarification of requirements. When a CM is involved early in the planning it reduces the frequency and impact of change orders. The CM breaks the project down into bid packages to lower costs and maintains continuous budget control throughout the project


The construction management method provides total transparency of construction costs through an “Open Book” process. The CM develops a centralized communication system to maximize workflow and holds weekly meetings to discuss progress/schedules/hurdles throughout the project. Also, the CM maintains document control to ensure accuracy.

Faster Project Completion

The CM divides the project into phases to promote coordination of the trades for full

utilization of workspace and reduction in delays. Because of involvement during the planning stage, the CM can identify long lead time items and place orders to meet project schedules. Once construction begins, the CM is on site to monitor contractors for scope and schedule compliance.


Quality isn’t just a concern for the CM during the construction phase. The CM begins efforts early in the design phase to assure quality control with input from the owner. When construction is complete, the CM assists with the owner’s transition into the new building’s operation.

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