Technology and Construction

Even though most people think of manual labor when they think of construction, technology has revolutionized the industry in the past several years. The following are just some of the ways technology has impacted the way buildings are constructed.


Today’s software and mobile applications are helping the construction companies manage all aspects of a construction project. By providing supervisors with real-time data from the site, it is easy and more efficient to evaluate progress and performance.
Building information modeling (BIM) is intelligent modeling software that lets architects, engineers, and contractors collaborate on a building’s design, construction, and operation.It allows the entire team access to real-time collaboration resulting in improvements in cost, safety, and efficiency.

Safety and Training

Another way technology is improving the construction industry is through safety and training practices. Without question, safety is the top concern of contractors and tech is a significant tool today. Virtual and Augmented Reality can be used to train your crews more effciently. Additionally, site sensors are helping to monitor the working condition on the worksite to help in keeping the employees safe.


Drones are becoming a more valuable tool in construction, leading to several improvements such as more accuracy, better safety conditions, lower costs, and improved efficiency. High-definition photos from drones can be used to create 3D models for feasibility and design studies, as well as topgraphic maps, to identify potential issues, thereby reducing the cost of errors and change orders during construction. 
According to recent studies, over $300 million a year of equipment is stolen from job sites with less than 25% recovered. A drone flyover can easily check if equipment is secure or spot unauthorized individuals on the site to prevent damage or theft.
As we approach our 125th year, Gundlach Champion has seen many changes in the construction industry. We are committed to adapt appropriate technology to provide construction services with exceptional quality and value to our clients across the Northern Great Lakes Region. To discuss your next project, contact us at

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