2024 Trends in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction continues to be a dynamic industry continuously innovating new ways to meet the demands of modern businesses and companies. As we enter 2024, a few commercial construction trends stand out as incoming staples within the industry:

Sustainability Efforts

Industries across the globe continue to push towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions and processes, and commercial construction is no different. Over the years, customer demand for green materials and designs have become more and more commonplace and will continue into 2024. Solar panels, efficient energy storage, and wind turbines have all become focal points for sustainable commercial construction projects.

Technology Integration

Software and advanced technology have become a major player in the commercial construction world, with more designers, companies, and consumers opting for enhanced technological tools from project planning phases to final completion. Notably, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is trending, where buildings can be strategically, and accurately, planned and coordinated prior to beginning builds. Additionally, the use of drones is increasing as a way to perform more accurate surveying and monitoring of building sites.

Emphasis on Workers

The commercial construction workforce is facing challenges, as are many industries worldwide, in recruiting top talent and retaining employees. As a result, there is a push for more comprehensive benefits and safety for construction workers as a means of maintaining diligent and experienced workers. New processes and regulations continue to be rolled out to increase safety on worksites, offer more intensive training, and decrease workplace injuries.

Prefabricated Materials

The use of prefabricated materials continues to rise in 2024 as construction companies seek to find more efficient ways to complete commercial construction projects. By utilizing this method, materials are crafted off site and transported onto the worksite when needed. Compared to traditional construction methods, the use of prefabricated materials or modular methods reduces labor costs and streamlines the construction process.

According to The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Consensus Construction Forecast Panel, the commercial construction industry grew 20% in 2023, and shows growth as we enter into 2024. Partnering with a trusted construction company such as Gundlach Champion Inc. provides extensive collaboration to incorporate many of these innovative trends into your unique commercial construction projects.

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