Imelda Properties Renovation

“Our project involved a 5000+ square foot renovation of a building in downtown Marquette. The project presented two distinct challenges. The first was the dilapidated condition of the building with the second being the limited access to the building due to a zero lot line situation. Given the difficulty of its access issues, the Gundlach Champion team hand carried rubble out of the basement, up a set of stairs, and down the City owned walkway to a dumpster. In addition, equipment had to be brought in to remove a utility pole from the rear of our property, which was very problematic due to its location, but GCI found a way. In spite of the frustration of dealing with the project’s challenges, GCI project manager, Ross Bennett, and site manager, Rob Berg, were professional and pleasant. Even in times that must have felt like a crisis, Ross and Rob kept a cool head and got us through.

GCI’s experience proved invaluable on our project. We bid this project out, and I can’t express how fortunate I feel that we made the right choice. Others might have found this job exasperating due to its challenges and walked away when things became difficult, but Rob and Ross put their thinking caps on and found the workarounds we needed.

For example, who could forget the Yellow Wall controversy that made local news? Ross came to court and City Council meetings more than a handful of times to explain the situation on our behalf. The GCI managers went WAY above and beyond the call of duty to come up with creative solutions to get us to the finish line.”

– Katy White, Co-Owner Imelda Properties LLC