The Incredible Shrinking Schedule

Tighter timelines for commercial construction projects is a significant challenge for construction companies. The pace of all project phases has shortened, ranging from the submission of bids to approval of add-ons to completing of change orders to completed construction. This trend increases the sense of urgency throughout many construction firms. With clients expecting real-time information and faster project timelines, commercial contractors need to implement different techniques to assist in maximizing the efficiency levels.

Involve the contractor in the planning phase

Do not wait for the final set of plans and then asking construction companies to submit a bid. Review candidates and choose a trusted contractor and then have them participate during the planning stage with all other partners of the project. The perspective of the commercial contractor is highly valuable during planning to uncover issues that may affect the timeline of the project.

Create comprehensive project plans

There are a wide variety of project plans offered to a commercial construction company. The more detailed and complete the plan, the more likely the schedule will be adhered to, and deadlines met. The best form of a project plan includes full drawings with clear overlays for structure, and mechanical, plumbing electrical, and landscape structure for crews and trades to follow.

Adopt project management technology

Commercial construction companies interested in efficiency use project management software. It is essential in streamlining communications throughout the members of the project team as it offers a shared medium for input. In the case of ambiguity, explanation or modification of any project element, the project management portal allows all the parties access related material, plans, and remarks in real time to keep the project moving.

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