Which Construction Delivery Method is Best?

The key to a construction project that meets all the requirements depends on the coordination between the owner, designer, and the builder and choosing the construction delivery method is critical to that success. A construction delivery method is the process the owner, contractor, and the designer use to work throughout the project process. Construction delivery methods involve the steps in a project from its beginning to its completion. Generally, the types of construction delivery methods are General Contracting (GC), Design/Build (DB), and Construction Management (CM).

General Construction

General Construction is the most used delivery method. The GC method offers a linear process of management with the design team and contractor accountable to the owner. The project scope is fully defined in both design and construction before the project begins. The cost, including contractor fee and overhead, is competitively bid to achieve the “best price” for review and acceptance. With this method the owner contracts and provides the plans to a contractor to perform the construction services.


The next most popular construction delivery method is Design/Build. In the Design/Build construction delivery method has a single source providing all design and construction services. An efficient method, it can resolve design and construction issues in the early phases of the project. It is a cost-effective delivery method that allows the contractor to have tighter control of the budget, with the final cost could be less because any complications during construction are minimized.

Construction Management

With this delivery method, the owner contracts a construction professional to manage the project from pre-planning through completed construction. Coordination between the owner, architect, and construction manager is generally better because changes in design and scope to be handled more efficiently. There are two types of construction management, including CM at Risk (CMAR) and the CM Multi-Prime (CMMP). Many construction companies incorporate the CMAR and CMMP in their projects because it helps them retain control of the and flexibility in pricing the project.

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