Understanding Structural Steel Framework

Structural steel framing offers durable, sustainable, cost-effective, and adaptable roof, walls, and floors of buildings. This framing option can be used in nearly all architectural layouts and a wide variety of building projects. Understanding its benefits and shortcomings compared to brick, concrete and wooden framing will help you choose the right framing for your project.


  • Structural weight-bearing steel fabrication is 30% to 50% lighter than wooden framing.
  • It is significantly stronger and more durable than traditional wood framed alternatives.
  • Steel frame constructions are highly resistant to fire because of flame retardant coatings, reducing the fire risk to a building.
  • It can be customized to bear specific loads in buildings because steel studs are available in a variety of sizes and can be made to order.
  • When treated with hot zinc coatings and powder treatments for enhanced rust resistance, structural steel is highly resistant to moisture from weather.
  • Structural steel components eliminate the risk of burrowing insects and mammals that can potentially harm wooden framework.


  • Steel is highly efficient at conducting heat, which reduce the insulation value of walls by half. When using steel frame construction, you will need to use insulation measures to adjust for this issue.
  • Steel components cannot be adjusted onsite as wooden frames can. If the steel fabrication is inaccurate, the project can be delayed while steel framework is sent for corrections. However, with proper planning, measurement, and fabrication, this problem can be avoided.
  • Steel frame constructions almost always require drywall, sheathing, insulation, and supplementary wooden components to complete the project. The other benefits of steel framing, usually outweighs this factor.

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