Best Concrete Practices on a Construction Project

With concrete being a commonly used material in commercial construction, it helps to know some of its best practices. The following are several tips to achieve the best results.


Ready-mixed concrete is quick and easy to use but you need to follow proper mixing procedures to ensure quality concrete. First, be sure you are using the right ingredients in the correct mix ratios for the type of ready mix you’re using. The concrete mixing process takes time. You need to be patient, allowing the ingredients to combine fully before working with the mixture. Keep in mind, overmixing can lead to clumps and cracking in your finished product. Mixing concrete is a dusty process and can contain harmful compounds like silica dust and caustic soda. Be certain crews are wearing gloves and safety goggles.


Concrete construction is exposed to weather conditions ranging from dry and heat to wet and freezing. Consequently, it’s critical to determine in the planning stage what the weather’s impact will be on the finished project. Determining that the mix is correct, and you’ve taken the proper preventive measures will ensure the best protection against the elements. For example, some sealants only prevent water damage, while some will protect against acid rain. The ironwork of the concrete should not be exposed to water or any outside elements. An extra layer of concrete over the structure will prevent water from damaging the metalwork. 


Because of the porous nature of concrete, you need to consider sealants, resin, varnish, and waterproofing for protection against mold, leaks, and wear. Most protective applications don’t affect the concrete significantly. However, some could change its color.
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